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Two Worlds

C.P. Snow said there are two worlds:  Science and the Arts and “never the twain shall meet.”  Hogwash!  I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry and was a university professor from 1966-2007.  It was a challenge and I enjoyed it.  Now, I’m an artist and it’s a challenge and I enjoy it.

Snow’s worlds meet in photography.  Using photons (light) to create images (photos) to be perceived by the brain (vision) wherein those images create emotions, and those emotions are not absolute.  They are different in different people.  Art is not absolute.

The physics of lenses and digital sensors, and the chemicals of printing are the “science of photography.”  The subjects and compositions of the images are the “art of photography.”  A great photo must involve the meeting of these two worlds. There is only the world.  Science and art are not isolated worlds.  They are parts of the whole world.  It takes all the parts to make the whole world.

I love precision and am obsessed with tack-sharp focus.  For me the image must include the maximum detail of my perceived reality.  However, the art is what determines the ultimate satisfaction with the image.  You know it when you see it and feel it.

I have a new passion.  I love photography. As an old retired chemistry professor, I love sharing what I think I know.  I am learning photography and I want to share some of my images and maybe some other’s images that I just like.  From time to time I may blog a bit too, but only about photography.

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