It is now official

It’s official: I am now living proof that I was right and C.P. Snow was wrong as I indicated previously. He said, “Science and Art – never the twain shall meet.”

Blake Rudis called me an “Artist” as I was now using Ansel Adams’ Zone-edit system in post processing my photographic images. And I made a living as a “Scientist” — a chemistry, physics and astronomy professor in 9 colleges and universities. The twain met.

Science and the Arts intersect more than occasionally. The universe is beautiful. The human eye creates vision and that creates art. The biology of light forming upside-down images on a retina and moving that electrical impulse to the brain results in the emotions of experiencing the beauty of form and color. And these forms are mathematical in their symmetry and proportions.

Art also creates Science. Human reactions to beauty made us curious with a desire to organize and comprehend nature’s deepest secrets to reveal the truth and reality of our existence as well as everything out there.

For me the camera captures light on a sensor, and these zeros and ones are processed in a computer to reveal an image that is a work of art through science. Which is the real art, the subject of the image, or the image created by me?

So is an artist a scientist? Is a scientist an artist? The twain has met.